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Investment Casting can offer advantages - to the production engineer,designer, or buyer,especially where complex shapes are required. It can eliminate most rough machining perations;give greater freedom of design;produce shapes that are impossible to machine;provide lighter and cleaner looking component;relieve production problems by replacing assemblies with "one piece" castings-all of these advantages embodied in the widest choice of materials.       


1. High dimension precision: casting dimension tolerances can reach CT3 class, which can reduce or even save machining operations.

2. Fine surface finish: casting roughness can reach Ra3.2, in some special cases, it can reach Ra1.6.

3. Good suitability for production quantity: batch quantities can be from dozens of pieces to thousands of pieces

4. Realization of complex shapes and structures that are very difficult or impossible for machining process, forging process or welding process.

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